Endorsement Quotes

Senator Toni Atkins

Senate President Pro Tempore Toni Atkins

“Dr. Akilah Weber has devoted her career to helping people in their most vulnerable moments. As a physician and surgeon, Dr. Weber has helped thousands of women and girls lead healthier lives. As an educator and local City Councilmember, she has worked to make her community stronger. Right now, California needs Dr. Weber’s leadership and her understanding of the complex public health and economic challenges we face. I’m proud to join with leaders from throughout San Diego County in supporting Dr. Akilah Weber for State Assembly in this important special election.”

Mayor Alejandra Sotelo-Solis

“Dr. Akilah Weber is the kind of leader we need right now; a physician with a deep commitment to improving public health and healthcare for every Californian. As an educator and City Councilmember, Dr. Weber has found even more ways to give back and strengthen the community. She will be a tireless advocate for her constituents, and we would be lucky to have her in the State Assemby working for us. I’m proud to announce my endorsement of Dr. Akilah Weber.”

Mayor Todd Gloria

“Dr. Akilah Weber has earned a well-deserved reputation as a leader who can be counted on to solve problems and get things done. Dr. Weber is one of San Diego County’s leading physicians and has helped thousands of women and girls in her practice, all while serving her community on the City Council and through her volunteer work. She believes passionately in public service and helping others, and is committed to expanding access to health care and improving public health in our communities. Dr. Weber’s public health expertise will be critical in the State Assembly.”

Mayor Mark Arapostathis

“Dr. Akilah Weber is no stranger to tough problems. She is unafraid to tackle challenges in a very thoughtful way and she makes sure that the voices of the residents are always heard. I have greatly enjoyed working with her to improve our great City of La Mesa. We need her kind of energy and experience representing us in Sacramento. I look forward to voting for her, and to working with her as our next State Assemblymember.”

Monica Montgomery

Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe

"Every day Dr. Akilah Weber works with patients who are struggling; not just with physical difficulties, but with social forces and injustices that undermine their well-being and quality of life. She knows that there are social determinants of health, and that a healthy society is one that treats all its members equally and with respect. I know that Dr. Weber believes that equality in education, in criminal justice, in employment and in daily life are urgent moral issues that we cannot turn away from. Dr. Weber will fight tirelessly for the causes of equality, justice, and opportunity in Sacramento. She is the only candidate who will put our communities and neighborhoods first."

Councilmember Raul Campillo

"I proudly endorse Dr. Akilah Weber for the 79th Assembly District. We can count on Dr. Weber to lead with transparency and accountability, and with an eye towards equity and justice. She has a plan to help lead our state in a direction that will address the issues most important to San Diego residents. I trust her to fight for more affordable housing and much-needed relief for struggling San Diegans, to improve our transportation infrastructure to bridge inequities in our transit system, and to help the 79th District strongly recover from COVID-19."

Councilmember Colin Parent

"The upcoming special election will have a big impact on the future of San Diego County. I'm proud to announce my endorsement of Dr. Akilah Weber because she has the experience and work ethic needed to be effective in the State Assembly. On the La Mesa City Council, I've seen firsthand that Akilah's public service is a reflection of her values. She's laser-focused on helping people, and she has my full support."

California State Treasurer Fiona Ma

"As a local City Councilmember and a hospital doctor, Dr. Akilah Weber has an on-the-ground understanding of how budget priorities affect the everyday lives of Californians. She knows that responsible fiscal leadership means that taxpayer dollars go toward helping people. In the State Assembly, Dr. Weber will work to make sure that our budget reflects our values, and that public health, economic recovery, and education are funded and protected. Please join me in supporting Dr. Weber for State Assembly, and remember to vote on or before Tuesday, April 6."

California Democratic Party

"Tonight’s endorsement vote shows that Democrats are united in their support of Dr. Akilah Weber. Her unique resume and Democratic values make her the perfect choice to succeed her mother, Dr. Shirley Weber, as our next State Assemblymember. Akilah’s campaign is well organized, and like the candidate herself, is exceedingly professional. She is ready to lead this district."

United Domestic Workers of America

“Dr. Akilah Weber is a principled and progressive leader who is committed to advancing policies that protect public health, empower working families, and safeguard our most vulnerable populations.” - UDW/AFSCME 3930 Executive Director Doug Moore.

“As a medical doctor and local council member, we believe Akilah will bring an important set of experiences and perspectives to the State Assembly as California continues to battle COVID-19. We’re proud to announce our endorsement of Dr. Akilah Weber, and we look forward to playing an active role in the upcoming special election.” - Nicanora Montenegro, a home care worker and UDW District Vice President.


"Dr. Akilah Weber has the prescription to help heal working families impacted by the pandemic, and she has the passion and commitment to empowering communities with good, local jobs," stated Gretchen Newsom, Political Director of Local 569. "In the State Assembly, Dr. Weber will fight for equity and immediate economic relief and recovery while protecting workers. IBEW 569 is proud to support Dr. Akilah Weber for State Assembly and we are looking forward to working with her to strengthen the green economy and create more clean energy, good-paying jobs for our trained workforce."

Martin Luther King, Jr. Democratic Club

"In a speech in Montgomery, Alabama in 1957, Dr. King challenged his audience to ask themselves, 'what are you doing for others?' We know Dr. Akilah Weber, and we can answer that question: Dr. Weber gives all she can to her community. As a medical doctor, an educator, and as a leader, Dr. Weber's work is changing lives. We are going to send Dr. Weber to the State Assembly to continue doing that work and have an even greater impact on our communities. Please join us in voting for her on or before April 6.”

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Local 619

“As a local City Councilmember, Dr. Akilah Weber has stood solidly for working families. In the State Assembly she will continue the fight to support the middle class, train the the next generation for good paying local jobs and ignite the recovery our state needs. We stand with Dr. Weber’s campaign and urge the voters to hire her to fight for them.” - Doug Hicks, Lead Representative for the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters Local 619

San Diego Democrats for Equality

Ryan Trabuco (he/him/his), President of the San Diego Democrats for Equality

“Dr. Akilah Weber (she/her/hers) lives the values she espouses. She has demonstrated a deep respect and love for the LGBTQ community — as a physician, an educator, and an elected official. Dr. Weber has worked to help and elevate LGBTQ women and girls, and has been a steadfast ally in the fight for marriage equality and civil rights. In the State Assembly, Dr. Weber will be a true champion for equality, for equity, and progress. San Diego Democrats for Equality is proud to endorse and support her campaign.”

Cristina Garcia, Chair of the CDLWC

“Electing Dr. Akilah Weber is the California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus priority and we urge everyone to join us in prioritizing getting her elected. Her experience and accomplishments as a physician and City Councilmember make her extraordinarily qualified to lead during this public health crisis. Dr. Weber shares our values and is passionately committed to advancing equity and justice for every Californian and has a strong record of service on behalf of women and girls. The Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus is proud to support her campaign.”